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Compressed air treatment products from NEW FILTER will help you keep your air compressors performing at their best. Choose from a huge selection of pressure sensors, filters, oil/water separators, and many more.

Properly treated compressed air, and the right air dryer, will improve productivity, system efficiency, and product or process quality.

The condensate in the compressor often becomes a cause of unstability of the device, the appearance of oxidation in the line, freezing of pneumatic valves, bubbling paint on the work piece, and the moisture in the container and packaging. It's worth noting that the longer the line from the compressor unit to the operating element (air cylinder, a sprayer, pneumatic), the greater the volume of condensate accumulate.

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To ensure perfect cleaning of the environment in the system of filing and preparation of compressed air, and the result of the compressor, it is necessary to purchase special filters and dehumidifiers. You can buy them at managers NEW FILTER.

Typically the system includes the following elements:

 Compressed Air Treatment

The components of the system are follows:

  1. Compressor - screw or piston, which is used as a source of compressed air. The type of the device and its location the amount of condensate produced will depend on which will have to be withdrawn from the system. The compressor is mounted on the operating segment, the greater the amount of moisture is formed. Therefore, compressor cleaning becomes a priority.
  2. Cooler - needed to reduce the temperature characteristics of the compressed air which is supplied from the compressor to the system. This is an important process, because stream heats up when compressed.
  3. Separator - compressed air cleaning device for separating condensate formed in the pneumatic system. It is specifically designed based on the centrifugation principle, which allows removal of working medium to 99% moisture and aerosols.
  4. The thermodynamic steam trap - a device that is used to drain the collected water at each stage of the compressed air cleaning system. There are automatic (by filling), semi-automatic (by timer) and manual assembly.
  5. Air collector - multifunctional mechanism. It is used to smooth out the compressed air pulses, which is fed by the compressor in the system. air collector also acts as a compressed air accumulator, ensuring smooth operation of the mechanism under pulse air consumption.
  6. Air filters. These products are used in different versions, which depend on the source of compressed air. Coarse filter (dust filter) guarantees the cleaning of solid particles (up to 10 microns). The pre-filter provides the residual content of impurities of up to 5 microns.
  7. Dry compressed air dehumidifier allows the removal of moisture vapor resulting from said compressed air to the dew point. The principle of operation is simple: when the medium enters into the air distribution system for cooling the water vapor is converted into condensate. When the temperature indicator at 25 ° C and a relative humidity of 75% the standard compressor unit (capacity 20 m3 / min) produces 165 liters of water per 1 shift (8 hours), unless it is equipped with after-cooler. However, even after processing and after-cooler drier air in the pipe is fed more than 50 liters of water per 1 shift, which significantly affects the final result.
  8. Pre-filter - a device for filtration of solid medium of microparticles (size less than 1 micron) and oil impurities (up to 0.1 mg / m3). Buy pre-filter can at consultants, referring to the "Contacts" section.
  9. Fine filter - coalescing filter for removing solids from the working environment of the microparticles (0.1 microns) and oil impurities (up to 0.01 mg / m3). This mechanism is installed after the main filter cleaning. NEW FILTER offers the opportunity to buy fine filter at an affordable price.
  10. Carbon filter - designed for removing odors. Particulate residue is not regulated, vapor content of not more than 0.008 mg / m3. This filter is typically mounted on almost all types of food manufacture.
  11. Separator - is used to separate the droplets condensate (oil - water emulsion), drained of all structural components of the system and recycling. The separator allows you to collect all the oil and properly remove it, and return the water to the sewer system for further purification.

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