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A key condition for the smooth and coordinated operation of screw compressors - is  correctly selected belt. This product should be characterized by high rates of reliability and resistance to wear, as is in constant motion. These features can reduce the frequency of the technical checkup or diagnose your installation, which guarantees you a minimum cost on maintenance technology. Ремені до компресорів

For the production of all types of power transmission belts used various types of polyurethane and synthetic rubber. Such materials are used as elements for the power cord: the fiber fabric cords, polyester cords, steel, kevlar, etc.

NEW FILTER supplies the belts of these types:

  • vee-rope
  • ribbed;
  • cogged;
  • flat.

Belts Assortment

Classic driving belts. These products feature by high reliability, flawless performance and are used for agricultural and industrial machinery.

Класичні приводні ремені.

Types   40/E, 22/C, 20/-, 17/B, 17/B, 13/A, 10/Z, 8

Polyurethane belts - a compact and reliable products with the nominal wedge wide 3-11 mm. They transmit high power, due to which are widely used in the transfers of higher than 10,000 / min, are suitable for small-diameter pulleys and compact designs.

The polyurethane composition of the material leads to greater resistance to wear, abrasion, and also gives a high coefficient of friction.

Поліуретанові ремені
 Types 11М, 7М, 5М, 3M                        

Narrow V-belts. Products made with a wrapper of lateral sides and serve to protect the friction mechanisms operated in the mining industry, construction, heavy industry and so on.
Вузькі клинові ремені.
  Types SPB, SPZ,19, SPC, SPA             

Narrow section belts are of molded articles with cog that have a high strength. They don't have a wrapper of lateral sides. They are used for heavy V-belt transmission.

Ремені вузького перерізу
Types XPZ, XPC, XPA, XPB                 

Variable speed belts (wide) work on the principle of auto adjusting  moving along the pulley groove, due to what is achieved wide range of speeds. Cogged surface inside the product increases flexibility and provides high heat dissipation. In addition, the geometric shape and a special uniform composition of products ensures a smooth and quiet running.

         Ремені варіаторні (широкі)                 
Types W16, W20, 22x6, 28x8, W31,5,  37x10, W40, 47x13

Bilateral belts (6-sided) are specifically designed to drive a large number of pulleys, which rotate in the opposite direction, where the transfer torque is required, as one and the opposite side of the belt.

 Двосторонні ремені (6-гранні) Types AA, BB, CC, DD                       

Banded belts are products that are ideal for those types of drives where single belts with vibration function, so that can jump out of the pulley grooves.

Banded belts consist of a plurality of units, connected with each other by high-strength material, which controls the distance between the belts and the belts anticipates lateral movement of the pulley and shock when subjected to pulsating loads.

           Багаторівчакові ремені       
 Types 8V/25J, SPB, SPC, 9J, 15J, B, 3VX, 5VX, C и D 

Ribbed Belts

Due to the design with a truncated profile, the drive ribbed belts exhibit improved flexibility, low heat generation, high coefficient of resistance to cracking, which makes it possible to operate at extremely high speeds and small diameter of pulleys. Ribbed belts provide a transmit power of up to 80% more than in the RMA standard.

 Приводні поліклинові ремені
Types PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM                  

Bilateral belts are used for drives with large number of pulleys operated in the opposite direction, due to which it becomes necessary to transmit torque as the one and the opposite side of the belt.

                Двосторонні ремені

Cogged belts - very durable and flexible units which provide a high efficiency power transmission, and synchronization at high speeds. The main advantages of cogged belts should include minimum vibration to pulsating loads, benzene, dust and oil repellent characteristics.

Зубчасті ремені

Polyurethane driven units have trapezoidal cogged form in classical inch ruler (MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH), in a reinforced version (AT3, AT5, AT10, AT20), with metric pitch (T2,5, T5, T10, T20), with semi-circular shape of the cog (HTD 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M and STD 5M, 8M).

Cogged belt can be as one-sided and double-sided, with different covers (leather, PVC, PU, rubber red) and non-standard dimensions of the cog, the guide profiles and partitions.

Flat belts

Flat belts are made of wear-resistant polyurethane and high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel cord. Flat belts are not subject for deformation due to the press-fitted polyamide core.

Плоскі ремені приводу

Technology, under which produced driving flat belts, allows make products with high precision, thereby ensuring even distribution of load during operation of the drive.

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