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Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Lubricants

Want to save on compressor technical checkup 40%? It is enough buy a compressor oil from the global brand Anderol or Mobil. Today for the production of compressed air in all industries apply screw and piston compressors. Since the performance and durability depends largely on the quality and quantity of lubricant, replacement of synthetic compressor oil should be carried out regularly with a quality product.

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How to select compressor lubricant

Here you can buy oil for vacuum pumps and compressors, in order to protect your equipment from excessive friction components and their fleeting wear.

Компрессорное масло Мобил Минеральное масло Андерол



NEW FILTER offers quality oil for screw air compressors from European suppliers, which meets the following requirements:

lowest foaming;
excellent corrosion properties;
high service life of oil;
the degree of viscosity.

Correct definition of what oil for air compressors need to be replaced, will allow you to reduce the rate of wear of components, reduce the amount of energy to friction, as well as to reduce the start-up of the compressor or vacuum pump.

Oil for screw compressors

Replacement of such lubricants in equipment needed to ensure hermetic sealing of the working chamber compartments compression and hold it in a predetermined temperature range. Motor compressor oil must meet the following standards:

  • optimal operating temperature range - in the range of 90 °C;
  • high resistance to oxidation
  • index of fire temperature - not less than 180 °C;
  • viscosity - not below 7.

Oil for piston compressors

Piston compressors are characterized in that in their device, lubricating material is in direct contact with compressible gases differing specific properties and high operating temperatures. Before you buy oil for the oil compressor, consider the following requirements for the product:

  • temperature ignition threshold should not be below 140 °C;
  • products must be resistant to oxidation;
  • have a good anti-foam performance;
  • corrosion properties.

NEW FILTER delivers oil to the compressor for such brands:

Абак Алмиг Алуп Атлас Копко Бекер Боттарини

Буш Чеккато КомпЭир Фини Гарднер Денвер Ингерсолл Ренд

Маттеи Ремеза Тепро Ворсингтон Андерол Кайзер

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