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Fuel Filters for Construction Equipment

Do you want to be a leader? Start now! Save your budget with proprietary fuel filters for construction equipment. NEW FILTER supplies the fuel filter manufacturers such as Donaldson, MANN-FILTER, WIX FILTER, as well as analogs of upscale brands that are 100% interchangeable, but compares favorably to the cost - up to 30% cheaper.

Construction Fuel Filters

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Replacing of the fuel filter - a key condition for a long and efficient operation of all engine components. To ensure the correct functioning of the power system, and reduce the risk of removing it from the system, you need to pay special attention for clean working environment from all kinds of impurities.

Contamination of working units can occur either in production (dirt from fluids, nicks or burrs on the parts, etc.) and vary during operation and sources. It can be:

Х condensate exhaust gases;Fuel Filters for Construction Equipment

Х metal abrasives (as a result of wear and tear);

Х soot as a result of the partial combustion of the fuel;

Х organic particles;

Х microscopic contamination entering the system at the Gulf of hydraulic fluid, the working oil or fuel.

Important! For efficient fuel filtration in heavy machines used two stages of filter: coarse and fine cleaning:

1. At the first stage, the rough cleaning (removal from the working environment of large waste fractions).

2. In the second stage begins fine purification, during which tiny particles are filtered rust, dust, moisture and so on.

These combinations can be set separately, and: a fuel pre-filter is mounted in the suction line (before priming pump) and fine filter - directly into the discharge line.

Fuel filters allow reliably protect fuel system components for its trouble-free operation. . In particular, the fuel injection pump, injectors, etc. We supply the fuel filter on tractors, filter:

Х handling;

Х harvesters;

Х loaders;

Х road construction equipment;

Х freight vehicles;

Х farm technique.

All products have appropriate quality certificates.

For this reason it is necessary carefully choose the type and material of the product when replacing the fuel fine filter. NEW FILTER supplies the fuel filters. Filters catalog for special equipment presented above. Modern elements are used by filtering material from fibers or metal mesh.

We offer high quality fuel filters for trucks, for tractors, combine harvesters, for the forklifts at competitive prices.

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