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Air aspiration filters from NEW FILTER

Effective industrial dust filters by competitive prices. Air aspiration combines complex of facilities and equipment that are needed to clean air of smoke, contaminants and dust on enterprise. Such gas treatment must be carried out regardless of the type, complexity and carry out operations and space dimensions. Your result - our prerogative! 

Tasks of air purification systems

  • air purification systemsensuring necessary sanitary conditions for the operating personnel who stay inside the production area;
  • creation of favorable conditions for the functionality of all technological processes of production chains;
  • elimination of heat air flow, dust excess, toxic and flammable substances and hazardous components that are released in the production process.

Systems of air aspiration and self-cleaning filters - are high-tech design of ventilation systems, designed to absorb air masses in the areas of formation volatile chemical gases, dust, smoke, formed as a result of production activities. Extraction system allows you remove from the air foreign microparticles, spend cleaning air from wood dust, abrasive dust and pre-empt their distribution throughout the room.

Aspirating equipment is installed in areas of high dust emission, as well as in zones of accumulation of flammable, toxic, hazardous and noxious substances. aspiration systems provide comprehensive solutions to establish ventilation in industrial areas.

Buy air purifiers advisable when installed them in industries such as: printing, metal, paper, wood, stone-working and packaging. NEW FILTER will help you choose best equipment for needs and requirements of each client.

Field of application in industry

  • shredders and multikatters;
  • self-cleaning filters;
  • cartridge and bag;
  • shredders, burr removal;
  • air separators and cyclones;
  • dust removal units;
  • pressing of cardboard and paper waste;
  • removal system of statically charged particles;
  • spark reducers

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