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from 65 uah/m2

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from 70 uah/m2

from 65 uah/m2

The industrial air cleaning systems use filters reliably protect the premises against foreign impurities. They are designed for removal dust microparticles, from the air  and various fractions and the fine-particulate pollutants and chemical slurries.

The filtering materials for air filters (polyester, nonwovens, filtering cloth) have different degrees of purification and are able to absorb odors and to bind specific gaseous substances present in the air mass workspace.

Failure to replace the filter cloth for ventilation or substandard cleaning results in a reduction of operating parameters of the equipment, change in production processes, as well as harm the health of operating personnel.

NEW FILTER offers direct delivery of the filter material, which you can buy at affordable prices in Kiev with the delivery in Ukraine.

 For a proper choice of ventilation filter must take into account such factors as:
  the area of ​​operation;
  the required degree of air purification;
  pollution level of the working substance;
  the size of dust particles, etc.

Otherwise, the acquired filtering nonwovens for air will not be able to perform functional load, which will lead to an additional costs.

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