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Heavy Duty Air Filters

Our air filters deliver superior protection for heavy-duty off-road and on-road equipment with a full line of premium filters. Choose the best filter element for heavy-duty vehicle more complicated procedure than conventional passenger cars. Therefore, the easiest way to bring back to life the truck, after the failure of the "native" of the air filter - buy a filter similar to the old one.

Повітряні фільтри для спецтехніки

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Replacing of the air filter

NEW FILTER specializes on supplying of air filters for excavators, motor graders, truck cranes, harvesters, agricultural machinery of Komatsu, CAT, JCB and others.

The air filter is designed to protect the truck engine from falling into the tube of the abrasive particles and dust. Cleaning the air filter - this is a priority, which is the key to a long and productive operation of the equipment.

Neglect the replacement of air filters is impossible for the following reasons:

  in contact with contaminants in the air filter reduces the intensity of the filter, which leads to high fuel consumption and reduction of the time between the EQ;

  replacement of the cabin filter - no less important component of the filter. During operation of the air filter inlet and the material is saturated with bacteria and microbes that multiply under favorable conditions - the heat from the engine.

As a result, in the cabin there is an unpleasant smell of mold and mildew, which is absorbed into the upholstery and cannot be cleaned. In addition, fungal colonies have a negative impact on human health.

Air filter elements from NEW FILTER provide varying degrees of fuel purification - from 60 microns to 1 micron. It is known that the thinner cleaning - the less abrasive and microparticles goes into the engine, and the longer it operates.

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Air Filters for Construction Machinery

Air Filter Housing

NEW FILTER supplies air filters for forklifts, trucks of such manufacturers as DONALDSON, MANN-FILTER, WIX FILTER. The company supplies air filters for trucks, combine harvesters,

drilling rigs. Buy air filter at our company - to provide high quality of air purification. All air filters are certified and have appropriate quality certificates.

Data filter elements we also supply high quality housings made of abrasion-resistant polymer material. Products intended for use in conditions of high loads and unfavorable aggressive environment.

Housings Catalogue

Research found that the main cause of deterioration of the engine is in contact with the abrasive particles of road dust. In modern conditions the proportion of abrasive wear of machinery components is 80%.

Dustiness index of air entering the engine truck ranges from 0.0003 to 1.5 g / m3, depending on time of year, the type of soil and roads, traffic volume and other factors. For this reason, timely replacement of the air filter on the KAMAZ and other trucks - pledge savings on technical checkup and ling vehicle operation.

How to select air filter

The key of the smooth operation of heavy machinery as if the motor grader, construction or agricultural machinery, bulldozers, etc., is the selection of proven and high-quality consumables. Therefore, when buying a filter it is need to know that product must meet the following requirements:

  • air filters for trucks and equipment need to ensure the quality of filtering in a given volume and time of the device, i.e., load capacity for the entire period of service;
  • the product must not contaminate the working environment - are not allowed corrosion of metal components of the filter. Therefore, all filters, we offer custom-made, meet the technological standards of quality;
  • filter elements must not be destroyed at the end of the period of use. All air filters for agricultural machinery equipped with safety valves.

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