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Hydraulic High Pressure Hose l Fittings

Want to save on hydraulics repair? We know how! High pressure hoses (HPH) - reliable products, which are designed to supply various types of working fluid inside the equipment.High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings

In practice, these hoses is a flexible but strong pipeline for supplying hydraulic emulsions, gasoline or oils.

Products are widely in demand in the construction industry, agriculture and other industries that use cargo, washing, special, lifting equipment and machines.


Hoses are used to transfer energy-generating liquid between different components to form a complete hydraulic circuit.

These elements has a very simple design in the form of a flexible hose with a metal braid, which is pressure tested at the ends of fittings, which allows the product to be installed on their own equipment.

Hydraulic Hose Crimpimg 

If you don't specify the type of hose visually or can not measure it - give us a sample. Experienced team will produce an individual sleeve on the necessary parameters, design or photo.

High Pressure Hoses has such elements as:

  • powerplant frame made of metal or textile braid;
  • sealing layer within the product;
  • rubber layer on the outside;
  • fittings.

All hydraulic hoses have a significant margin of safety, durability and withstand high temperature readings, as well as considerable pressure.

NEW FILTER offer such types of High Pressure Hoses, as:

 1 braided hoses

 2 braided hoses

 Multispiral hoses

 1 braided hoses


2 braided hoses

 Multispiral hoses

Hoses with one braid - products that are equipped with braiding of brass wire. Withstands a wide temperature range. Also can be used in aggressive chemical environment.

Hoses with two layers are made with heavy duty construction that can withstand operating pressures up to 415 bar. Operated in the water and gas supply systems, hydraulics construction equipment (excavators, tractors, road rollers, lifts, handling equipment, etc.), as well as in units transporting oil water emulsions, oils, fuel.

Multispiral hoses used in severe operating conditions, because they are able to withstand prolonged stress.


Hydraulic Hose Crimpimg Hydraulic Hose Crimpimg

Overall Hose Lenght

The overall hose assembly length is measured end to end 99% of the time.  Examples of the standard hose assembly length for a straight fitting, 45o fitting, and 90o fitting are shown in the picture below.

Overall Hose Lenght

High Presuure Hose Installation

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