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Bag filters - is reliable removal of solids and slurries. Filtering is based on the cleaning surface through a thin layer of a material - the bag, whereby it becomes possible to handle large volumes of fluid at relatively low pressure loss. At the same replacement filters bags are characterized by a high rate pollutions holding capacity, and some models - repeated washing.

Construction of filter bag - this housing made of stainless steel or rigid polymer inside which is holder for one or several filter bags. They are made of durable plastics - polyester, rayon, polypropylene, or nylon. This makes it possible to achieve the degree of filtration from 1 to 1500 microns.

Polypropylene Filter Bags


strong weak strong weak
olein alcohol organic water
acid acid alkali
PE 150-170      
PP 90-110  
NMO 150-170    
PTFE 250-300

Liquid monofilament filters have a mesh structure that provides:

  • high throughput;
  • great Dirt-holding capacity;
  • low differential pressure.

Allowed reusable filtering liquids. Completely eliminates the risk that the fibers and the microparticles cleaned contaminants get into the environment

Felt filter bags are made from a material of the budget and are suitable for occasional cleaning fluid.

They are mounted in front of the fine filter. Products are characterized by:

  • accessibility;
  • easy to use due to the lack of a hard frame.

There are one-time use.

As the filter material used:

  • Polypropylene - material is resistant to acids and alkalis. Operating temperature: 100°C-110°C;
  • Polyester - is characterized by high chemical and thermal stability. Rabochiydiapazon temperature: 160 °C -170 °C;
  • Nylon - chemically stable (except for acids). Operating temperature 170 °C-190 °C;
  • Fluoride polymers - operating temperature range of 250 °C-260 °C;
  • Wool - has good resistance to various solvents.


Polypropylene filters rust, cleaning of clay and sand are used for filtration of cold and hot liquids, oils, mineral oil, saline solutions, solvents, and other process fluids.

The table below shows the capacity of a filter bag as a derivative of the net differential pressure (to be multiplied by 2 for the size of bag filters 20 capacity).

Characteristics of filter material of filter bag

Value Polyester Polypropylene
felt monofilament felt monofilament felt
1-200 20-1500 1-200 20-1500 5-100 20-1500
Abrazion Very good Very good Excelent
Flexibility Very good Very good Very good
Weak acid
Very good Excelent Normal
Strong acid (>10%) Very good Excelent Bad
Weak alkali (<10%) Very good Excelent Excelent
Strong alkali (>10%) Bad Excelent Excelent
Solvents Very good Very good Very good
Temperature 135°С 95°С 135°С

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