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Coalescing filters are used for separation of higher grade, as compared with other purification and filtration systems. These filter elements can reduce the concentration of oils, aerosol-type liquid in a gaseous medium to a level of 0,003 ppm, and ensure the removal of 99.99% of solid microparticles.

NEW FILTER delivers coalescence filters PALL, which uses a unique filter material cartridges and special design that allows you to work with the increased load, cycling less cartridges in the system.

Pall system presents data in both vertical and horizontal design. AquaSep® type systems are used for separation (liquid / liquid), and a series PhaseSep can serve as a coalescer type (liquid / gas).

Vertical configuration of coalescer.     
Horizontal configuration of coalescer.

Vertical configuration of coalescer.

The liquid comes out the bottom left, and the purified medium to the right.

Horizontal configuration of coalescer.

Purified from impurities phase goes from the top to the right and removed the dirt right from the bottom.

What does coalescing filter for?

Coalescers are designed for ultra-clean gaseous and liquid media from the droplet, mechanical fractions. Moisture condensation formed by spraying due to obstacles in the gas stream. Коалесцер для нафтопродуктів та стисненого повітряThe body design of the product is non-regenarated replaceable cartridge. It is effective as the second stage of filtration elements after the cyclone.

Highly efficient coalescence filters (gas / liquid) medium ensures removal of the liquid droplet size of 0.1 micrometers, and also provide a small pressure differences on the filter element.

The advantage of using coalescer - is high speed flow without repeated removal drops.

Cleaning the gaseous medium from the liquid impurities in the coalescer is due to the ability of the filter media to connect liquid aerosol smallest size (0.3 microns) to larger ones. Thus there is a further accumulation and removing them through the drainage system.

Coalescing filter: working principle

Coalescing filter: working principle

The processes in the diagram:

  1. Solid particles are removed by the filter material.
  2. Little drops of water coalesce into larger passing through the filter layers coalescer.
  3. Under the influence of gravitational fields of large drops separated and deposited.

Coalescer principle of operation is as follows: the incoming flow passes through the coalescing unit - thin-layer corrugated plate, resembling a honeycomb. This material provides sintering petroleum oil in the beads and repels water. As a result, moisture is separated from the oil.

When enlarging droplets increases their speed ascent to the surface. Due to the inclined corrugated plates provide maximum contact between the cleaning medium with a modulus that promotes intense increase in particle size.

Then, the separated oil particles float upwards, forming a layer on the water surface. When it flows through the module creates a vibration, resulting in oil spills float and suspended solids settle.

Used filter elements should be replaced with oil pollution. replacement frequency depends on the initial level of contamination of waste water.

Technical characteristics of the gas coalescing filters

  • efficiency of gas filtration of liquid drops - 95% -99.95% (depending on the type of the filter);
  • filtration efficiency of the gas flow from the solid fractions - 95% -99.95% (depending on the type of the filter);
  • filtration efficiency gas medium from liquid and solid contaminants larger than 1 micron - 98% -99.99%;
  • volumetric efficiency: gas - up to 50 million m3 / day of liquid - up to 250 m3 / hour.
  • residual volume of liquid and solid particles in the purified gas stream - 1 mg / m3 or less;
  • temperature: -70 °C min, max + 150 °C (as solid particles) and to + 90 °C (liquid).

Important! In order to provide increased strength at the maximum operating temperatures of calculated coalescer and its use in hostile environments, it is recommended to install perforated metal exterior frame. It is recommended to use a spring mounting of cartridges in the lander place to provide the necessary seal.

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