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Effective air purification on the enterprise - one of the defining parameters of quality of products and guarantee compliance with the required health standards. Therefore the question of cleaning air from dust becomes increasingly important.

Pocket air filters folter - a quality product designed for cleaning air intake and exhaust particulate contamination.

Pocket Filter Pre Filtration G3 - G4

Multi-Pocket Filters for Ventilation

It is used in areas with high dustiness. It is the most common type of filter, wherein versatility. Air filter fvk pocket with G3-G4 material is needed for the air pretreatment. It holds the major fraction of the dust particles, ranging in size from 10 microns.

Field of application of the unit of such cleaning class is wide enough:

  • Pre-filtration of air in pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Air conditioning in the buildings of the administrative values ​​and schools.
  • Pre-filtration in spray booths.

Recomendations for installation and maintenance of pocket filter G4


Characteristics G4 filtering material

  • Filtering material is tested according to EN 779: 2012
  • Fire performance according to DIN 53438-3 (F1)
  • Stability indicator to moisture up to 100%
  • Compatible with varnish on the IPA-control
  • Increased strength and stiffness of pockets
  • Rugged fiber synthetic compound, environmentally friendly
  • Supports air temperature in the working space of up to 80°C depending on the type of filter

 Dimensions PF pocket filter by order

  • Standard dimensions
  • Under order
  • Types of frames: plastic (25mm), metal (20 or 25mm) and other


Pocket Filter Pre Filtration G3 - G4 Assortment

Начало формыКонец формы

Width/height/ length, mm

Number of pockets, PCs
Filter media
Filtration area, m2 Terms of production, days
592х592х200 6 G4 1,6 4
592х592х300 6 G4 2,4 4
592х592х360 6 G4 2,7 4
592х592х500 6 G4 3,9 4
592х592х600 6 G4 4,5 4
490x592x200 5 G4 1,3 4
490x592x300 5 G4 1,9 4
490x592x360 5 G4 2,3 4
490x592x500 5 G4 3,2 4
287x592x200 3 G4 0,8 4
287x592x300 3 G4 1,2 4
287x592x360 3 G4 1,4 4
287x592x500 3 G4 1,9 4
287x592x600 3 G4 2,5 4
287x287x200 3 G4 0,4 4
287x287x300 3 G4 0,5 4
287x287x360 3 G4 0,7 4
287x287x500 3 G4 1 4
287x287x600 3 G4 1,1 4


Pocket Filter Fine Filtration F5-F9

These units have finer level of filtration. Rigid pocket filters of F5-F9 type cleaning class are to be installed in ventilation systems, as well as space heating and air conditioning systems. 

Field of application of the pocket filter includes such objects:

  • Office buildings, schools
  • Production facilities in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
  • Pre-filtration prior to installing HEPA filters

Recomendation of installation and maintenance of F5 pocket filter


Classification of the filter material by EN 779

  • Material F5 - brown (or white)
  • Material F6 - green
  • Material F7 - pink
  • Material F8 - yellow
  • F9 Material - white


Features of pocket filter material

  • Tested and certified by ILH Berlin
  • Tested in accordance with EN 779: 2012
  • Fire resistance according to DIN 53438-3 (F1)
  • Resistance to moisture up to 100%
  • Compatible with paint according to IPA-control
  • Durable synthetic fibers, environmentally friendly
  • Maintain the air temperature up to 80 °C depending on the type of filter

  Pocket Filter Fine Filtration F5 Assortment

Width/height/ length, mm Number of pockets, PCs Filter media Filtration area, m2 Terms of production, days
592х592х360 6 F5 2,7 5
592х592х500 6 F5 3,9 5
592х592х600 6 F5 4,5 5
490x592x360 5 F5 2,3 5
490x592x500 5 F5 3,2 5
287x592x360 3 F5 1,4 5
287x592x500 3 F5 1,9 5
287x592x600 3 F5 2,5 5
287x287x360 3 F5 0,7 5
287x287x500 3 F5 1 5
287x287x600 3 F5 1,1 5

* NEW FILTER manufactures pocket filters G3, G4, F5, F7 in standard sizes and individual measurement of the customer.

The main advantage of the filter pocket folter - filtration area. The larger area of ​​the filter pockets for ventilation, the better filtering and less pressure of drop ventilation.

When installing closed-cell pocket filter is necessary to consider the installation recommendations. It must be installed with a strictly vertical pockets. The scheme of installation can be viewed here.

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