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Suction Hose Filters from NEW FILTER 

Suction filters are used for securely protect circuit downstream pump from entering the mechanical pollution particles, resulting in premature wear of equipment. These elements are mounted directly to the hydraulic tank itself and communicated to the suction line.Suction Hose Filters

In the hydraulic line filters with a nominal purity of less than 40 microns it is recommended to use disposable items which made of cellulose (paper filter elements).

Also, these products can be equipped with an indicator of pollution of both electrical and mechanical type. On request can be supplied with bypass valve 4.5 bar (open 30 kPa).



The filter is designed for safe cleaning of operation fluids within the hydraulic system, as well as industrial liquids and gases.

It is mounted on the pump pipe line so that the element remained below the liquid level in the hydraulic tank.

This way it can protect the mechanical pump against ingress of contaminants contained in the mineral oil viscosity of 10 to 300 m2 / s (cSt).

As an additional benefit, suction filter can be equipped with a pressure gauge, indicator of contamination and overflow valve.

Classification of suction filters

The screen filters help protect the mechanism against the penetration of coarse pollution microparticles. Experts identify three equipment series:

  1. External suction filter (FAS series) - is used for installation above the oil level in the hydraulic system.
  2. The semi-submersible suction filter (SF2 series) - is used for the installation below the oil level.
  3. Submersible suction filter (STR series) - is working at full immersion in the tank and mounted near the end of the absorptive device pipeline.



Suction filter installed inside the hydraulic tank.

• Maximum flow rate: 500 l / min



Installed inside the hydraulic tank.

• Maximum flow rate: 160 l / min



Replacing of suction filter

Filtering - this is the main component of the suction filter component. They are necessary for the protection of the working mechanism against foreign particles, such as:всмоктувальні фільтри гідравліки

  • mechanical microparticles appearing as a result of heat treatment;
  • particles left over from the production of products, as well as entering the GC during refueling;
  • pollution penetrating the air vents, along with incoming air masses.
It is recommended to use oil suction filters which made of the following materials:
  • type of FC, FV, FT, FD - made of inorganic fiber with a nominal filtration degree of 3, 6, 12, 25 microns;
  • type RT, MS, MCV, MDC - made of steel wire screen, with the declared filtering capacity of 10, 30, 25, 60, 90, 125, 250 microns.

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