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Hydraulic filters - are indispensable components of hydraulic systems that operate in severe conditions and are constantly exposed to extremely high loads. The quality of work depends on the maintenance of operational properties of the hydraulic oil, as well as the strength of the components themselves of the hydraulic equipment (seals, actuators, pumps, valves). All these parts are subject to erosion, the constant abrasion, high pressure.

Types of hydraulic filters

  • Suction filters - provide rough treatment, i.e., pump protection in the hydraulic permeation of relatively large fractions;
  • High pressure filters (also known as FGM) - provide fine filtration of hydraulic oil, protecting highly sensitive components of the system;
  • Return filter elements serve for the removal of working fluid fractions appearing in the process of wear (oxidation and disintegration of the oil, rust, etc.);
  • Flood filters remove contaminants from hydraulic fluid entering into when filling the tank;
  • Slotted hydraulic filters remove contamination microparticles during the passage through the slots RJ element;
  • Breathers are used to protect the hydraulic oil tank from the penetration of particles from the outside with the outside air sucked from the room.


Типи гідравлічних фільтрівOur range of hydraulic filters presented internationally renowned brands: DONALDSON, MANN, FILTREC, HYDAC.

By standard hydraulic filter is made from the body (also called "glass"), saturation indicator, and sometimes the filter bypass valve. Typically the filter housing is made of aluminum, stainless steel or a durable plastic. During selection you  must take into account the temperature GC, which will be filtered. All products have a folding design that allows you to change the filter element.

The filter material for the hydraulic filter may be one-time or recoverable:

  • The first type - paper and the inorganic glass.
  • And to the recoverable materials - metal mesh.

Types of filtration systems

  1. Full-flow hydraulic system - a characteristic feature is that the filter element is placed directly in the hydraulic system, so all GC passes through it. This type of connection should include a bypass valve which is placed inside the filter itself or in its cover.
  2. Partial Flow  - filter is installed parallel to the supply system of hydraulic oil, so it passes through only a portion of GC. This type of hydraulic system has low efficiency.
  3. Combined - includes features of both of these systems. This approach ensures the highest efficiency of hydraulic oil cleaning.


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Materials for hydraulic filters

Manufacturing of hydraulic filters made with different materials. Various types of filter material provide protection for hydraulic components from premature wear, scratches on the plunger pairs, as well as the possibility of seizure of the solenoid.

  фильтр металлическая сеткаMetal grid

 The advantage of this material - the possibility of regeneration. That allows you to use hydraulic filter for cleaning and flushing oils filtration mining. Flange screen filters with filtration grade manufactured from 10 to 250 microns.

  целлюлоза фильтр Cellulose in hydraulic filters

Filters of this raw material is not inferior to other materials on the quality of filtration, but they have a shorter duration of the work. Typically, hydraulic filters with cellulose tied for low-responsible plants installation, which often held MOT.

  стекловолокно фильтрFiberglass

The glass fiber filter is durable, practical in use and has good dirty capacity. Glass fiber filters are more expensive than hydraulic paper in several times, and they are up to 4 times longer. These hydraulic filters may have a degree of filtering 3-60 microns.

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