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Refrigeration dryer is used in pneumatic systems, compressed air, where the fluid temperature after the dryer doesn't drop below the dew point temperature, guaranteed by dryer (+ 3C).

In practice this means that if the air system is in a heated room with air temperatures of + 5C, then refrigerated dryers provide no condensate in the obtained compressed air.

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The operating principle of refrigeration dryer

The refrigeration dryer extracts the water vapour contained in the compressed air. To achieve this, the compressed air is cooled in a heat exchanger system. Water and oil vapour are Refrigeration dryer functionextracted by condensation, oil by coagulation and coalescense.

The design of the refrigeration dryer compressed air - it three-flow heat exchanger, which has a forced cooling air from the fans gathered in a "pipe in pipe".

The whole mechanism is mounted in the open air. The special structure of heat exchanger ensures smooth and stable operation with any changes in climatic conditions.

The process of the compressed air cooling takes place with the release of condensate that is separated automatically. As a result, heating the dried air environment before its release to the pneumatic pipe.

Dew point - setting unstable, which will vary depending on the inlet air temperature and the environment. Usually index is + 3 C.

But for specific conditions (length pneumatic backbone enterprise, higher demands of consumers) after the refrigeration unit may be mounted dryers deep dehydration.

Pneumatic system

Dehumidifiers of the company MTA

Company MTA - is an Italian holding company that leads the world in the production of high-tech refrigerated compressed air dryers. The company's main activity - production of industrial plants, the price of which the most competitive in the segment, as well as liquid coolers (chillers).

The extensive product range and versatility of this equipment fully meet the increasing demands of modern production, and can significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of compressed air.

Ukrainian market of industrial dehumidifiers MTA represented by two lines - refrigeration and adsorption dryers types. Performance parameters have no analogues in Ukraine.

Product range of compressed air dryers

0,7-24 m
 Dry Power
 Dry Energy Hybrid
0,3 - 37,5

 Dry Plus
 290 - 540
HP Dry
 0,7 - 122
Dry Pro
 225 - 760

The dryers version DryPower, as in standard compressors, compressed air is used to increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger just two: air-to-refrigerant and air-to-air. Heat exchangers in the lineup DryPower represent a complex of several heat exchangers, which are called DRYMODULE.

DRYMODULE - is plate-tube heat exchanger, which is composed of copper tubes and plates. It is a one-piece unit that combines in its structure air-air heat exchanger, which serves for pre-cooling and moisture separation section Freon air-heat exchanger, which is responsible for final cooling

Controller TDC desiccant compressed air

All compressed air dryers are equipped with modern controllers TDC. This device allows you to perform several functions:

  1. Control of the dew point and heat mass.
  2. Prevention of compressed air temperature drops below 0C at which the possible freezing of the heat exchanger and steam trap.
  3. Full monitoring dryer performance and monitoring indicators (three sensors, five input parameters).
  4. Monitoring of the condensate drain and its programming (temporary or quantitative).
  5. Adjust the time of the opening condensate drain valve

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