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NEW FILTER produces air filters (pocket, HEPA, panel, grease, coal) at customized sizes. These products are effective devices for air supply (sometimes exhaust) air indoors. Depending on the nature of air pollution and cleanness defined parameters execution of ventilation filters can be changed.

According to the degree of filtration products are classified in the following types:

  • G3-G4 strainers (10 microns);
  • F5-F9 fine filtration (1 micron);
  • HEPA ultra-fine (0.1 micron).

As filtering material in the coarse products used fabric made of synthetic fibers or the metal screen. The construct may be in the form of cells (panels) of corrugated blade and so on.

At the products of fine degree of filtration used fiberglass. Structurally, these filters can be manufactured in the form of folded products or pocket.


The range of air filters NEW FILTER includes

  Grease Filters - used for cleaning exhaust system on the catering industry enterprises.

  Carbon filter has found wide application in such areas as administrative offices, shopping centers and laboratories. It clears the air of odors.Асортимент вентиляційних фільтрів NEW FILTER

  Pocket filter G4, F5-F9 is used for air filtration in industrial ventilation systems. These air filters can be cleaned in areas where high humidity prevails - up to 100%, and a maximum temperature of 80 °C.

  Frame G3-F9 filter should be installed in small ducts ventilation systems. The advantage of these designs is its small size, with a relatively large filtration area. This is achieved thanks to a special pleating filtering materials that allows you clean the air flow of G3 to F9 level.

  HEPA filters - a highly effective equipment for cleaning of ventilation in rooms that require sterile conditions. The effectiveness of air purification HEPA filter varies between indicators from 85% to 99.995%. 

  Filter materials are characterized by high dust capacity and also have additional rail for easy ceiling mounting.


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