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In our catalog, you can easily pick up the filter body for the charges specifications. NEW FILTER supplies hydraulic filters, air filter bodies, tech and high-quality filter elements, and accessories for hydraulic systems.

Each hydraulic system circulates the working fluid, which contains a certain amount of pollution microparticles increases as the operation of the equipment. To protect against wear mechanism should be used hydraulic filters that trap particles of pollution and support GC in the desired degree of purification.

We also offer filters for purifying transformer oil. Oil cleaning from mechanical impurities - priority on the production line because of the coherence of the equipment depends on the quality of the products. And filter of mechanical oil cleaning is becoming a necessity. Experts of the company will pick up the optimal solution for your needs.


Depending on the installation site in the hydraulic system, filters include the following types:

• Drain (Return) - serve to protect the peak pressure in the system, as well as the flow rate changes. Mounted directly on the hydraulic tank or drain line in stationary power plants.

• Pressure - serve to protect the main components of the system. They are installed behind the pump. Also, such filters are used for the protection of valves with proportional control where it is necessary cleanliness of the working fluid.

• In Line - serve as both suction and discharge filters. Mounted on the stationary and mobile equipment.

• Suction - serves to protect the pump and all of the hydraulic components. These elements extend the life of the whole mechanism, reducing the failure in continuous operation. Used for filtration of all types of hydraulic oil.

   Hydraulic Filter Housing


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