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Food and Beverage Filtration

A series of membrane filters developed by Parker, intended for prefiltration of beverages and other liquids. Products effectively remove contaminants from the cleaning medium particles, bacteria and yeast.

NEW FILTER delivers membrane filters made specifically for use in the food industry, where it is necessary to achieve microbial stabilization and obesplozhivaniya, greatly increasing the life of the beverage storage. Thus the taste, color of the product remain unchanged.


Мембранные фильтры полиэфирсульфон

Мембранные фильтры полипропилен

Мембранные фильтры из полипропилена
Polyethersulfon filters

Polypropylene filters
Polypropylene filters

Food filters by PEPLYN series

PEPLYN filter cartridges feature a corrugated filtering materials gradient density of polypropylene fibers. The particular spatial structure of the material can be integrated with pre-filter layer depth type, due to which a high degree of filtering and good pollution-holding capacity.

Серія фільтрів для фільтрування напоїв


  1. Absolute retention ratings from 0.6 µm to 100 µm.
  2. Pleated media with graded density.
  3. All polypropylene, thermally bonded cartridge construction.

PEPLYN designed for use in the food, wine and beverage and brewing industries where increased performance is required. Typically, this pre-filtering of the water and solutions. Also in water treatment processes Parker elements protect the reverse osmosis sterilizing membranes from the remnants of tar and coal. Cartridges can withstand repeated washing with counterflow.

A series of filters for drinks filtration BEVPOR

Membrane filter cartridges BEVPOR available by choose from with different classes of storage capacity that guarantees the protection of drinks from the influence of harmful organisms.

Components of the membrane cartridge are selected so as to maximize the chemical compatibility and mechanical strength, allowing the filter to withstand multiple BEVPOR sterilization.


  • Ensures the safety of the water prior to bottling
  • Protects the purity and essential characteristics of the source water
  • Assures performance of the filtration
  • Increased throughput to blockage

Beverage filtration by series PREPOR

PREPOR PP filters will also “condition” liquids and can be used  to improve the visual clarity and filterability of products, to   benefit the performance and efficiency of terminal stabilization   operations such as final membrane stabilization and  pasteurization.

Filtering PREPOR designed for cleaning viscous liquids, syrups, low pressure systems and high content of suspended substances used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The material of the cartridge is a filter medium PREPOR silicate fiber, which in combination with mesh and a non-woven polypropylene layer provides high filter Dirt-holding capacity.

The exceptional hydrophilic synthetic fibers allows even gravity cleaning. Filtration rate is typically higher than for polypropylene filters.

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