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Bag filters are part of the system "dry" dust-gas cleaning and aspiration. Рукавні фільтри аспіраціїThey are used to clean the gas-dust-air mass with a working temperature up to 360 °C, dust performance up to 100 g / m³. With proper selection of material from which filters are manufactured successfully purified as alkaline and acidic environment.

We provide dust collector filter bags, which are manufactured from the glass fibre, acrylic, ryton, polyester, polypropylene, PTFE, nomex etc.  

Compared with the already outdated electrostatic precipitators that require disparate energy, gas bag filter has a higher performance and efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

After purification, the working medium by bag for aspiration residual dustiness index usually doesn't exceed 10 mg / m³.

Advantages of Bag Filter System :

  1. Low Maintenance Cost.
  2. Practical Efficiency Very High.
  3. Possibility of Heat Recovery Very Good.
  4. Effectiveness Not Affected By Gas-dust Composition.

Bag filters - types and main producers

As a filtering material for sewing self-cleaning filters is used in most cases non-woven needle punched material on the basis of species polyester PES, PAN, PP, PL densities of 400, 500, 550, 600 g/m with special treatments, such as moisture-oil repellent impregnation of woven PTFE fibers and membranes to impart resistance for high temperatures, antistatic, etc. Mainly used local filters such forms and designs:
  1. Round shape - mounted on the filters only with vertical placement of bags. (BWF gas cleaning companies, Intensiv)
  2. The flat shape - usually a horizontal placement (Donaldson Scheuch).
  3. In the form of an ellipse - can be used as filters with horizontal placement of bags and on the vertical structures (Simatek, Luhr).
    bag filters

The principle of regeneration of bag filters

Passing through filter bags, dust particles are trapped on their outer surface to form a solid layer of dust. It must be regularly removed by the action of the pulse regeneration. This process is carried out due to short supply of compressed air pulses entering into the pulse bag filter. Thus, under the influence of impulses at the inner side of t filter element and precipitated dust layer on the surface of dirt behind the bag.

Then dust microparticles come into the hopper, and from it all removed through the sluice feeder. The length and frequency of the pulse are regulated. Responsible for this solenoid diaphragm valves and the elements that are controlled by the control unit.

Regeneration mode can be set to two kinds of work:

• by timer;

• by differential pressure.

For the well-coordinated work of regeneration system is requires the calculation of the filter bag, as well as supply of high quality compressed air with a minimum pressure of 5-8 bar, purified from mechanical impurities and oil droplets and dry (with the dew point -40˚C). For these purposes should be installed refrigerated, desiccant dryers and separators.

Classification of bag filters

In operation,  filter material becomes clogged, so the bag filters should be cleaned regularly. Share the following ways:

  1. Back flush - effective method of regenerating filter material by the reverse flow of the purified gas or compressed air.
  2. Mechanical agitation - this is the main way to recovery. It implies a vertical or horizontal shaking of the bag filter.
  3. Pulse purge. Perhaps the most efficient method of regeneration, which is commonly used in the filter frame designs.

Scope of application of the bag filters

  • application of the bag filters

    Metallurgy, asphalt production
  • Tobacco industry
  • Production of carbon
  • Chemical and medical industry
  • Electric power stations
  • Milling industry
  • Mining and processing industry
  • Food Industry
  • Cement and ferroalloy sphere
  • Glass industry

Depending on the degree of contamination and cleaning efficiency of the system (regeneration) the duration of operation of bag is 3 year, however, in some circumstances this figure may reach 6 years. The guarantee of effective work bag filter is a timely replacement of bags.

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