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Heavy Duty Vehicles Oil Filters

Want to save up to 40%? We know how! Oil filters are designed for filtration the working oil, hydraulic components, transmission fluids of impurities that enter into the working chamber during operation of the mechanism.

NEW FILTER delivers oil filters for trucks, agricultural and mining machinery, tractors, forklifts, combines and other.

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Sources of the oil contamination in the engine of heavy machinery:

• contamination microparticles falling within the engine: the combustion products, mineral dust penetration through the filter with the air duct and gaps, moisture, particle unfinished fuel particles wear parts etc...

• poor cleaning of engine oil;

If neglect by replacement of oil filters for machinery and construction equipment, there will be a higher engine wear, and there will be degradation of the lubricant properties due to the deterioration of its structure.

Oil filters supplied by NEW FILTER provide:

  • lifetime corresponding to term of oil change;
  • efficiency of retention of organic and mineral particles up to 10 microns;

Varieties of oil filters from NEW FILTER:

  1. Single-stage oil filters (filter housing SPIN-ON, also called cupping, i.e. "twist on" on the nipple).
  2. Combined one-piece filter (housing SPIN-ON).
  3. Oil filters modular design with replaceable filter elements Noitech (Italy), Mannl, MAHLE (Germany) and others.

Criteria for oil filter selection

  1. The filter medium for the oil filter on a mini tractor, bulldozer, kamaz - a condition of increased pollution. Therefore, the best option would be combined with the filter element or synthetic filter media. This product is easy to cope with the operation in an aggressive chemical environment of oil and fuel.
  2. The area of ​​the filter material. Filter dimensions depend on the method of placement and the total area of ​​filter media embedded into the oil filter excavator. Cellulosic material fits "spiral" or "star", and synthetic stacked layers.
  3. The extent of the oil filter cleaning. For maximum efficiency it is necessary to establish a set of filter coarse and fine cleaning. coarse filters have a cellular structure and are used to trap large particles. Filters fine degree of filtration is purified oil from tiny inclusions of up to 1 micron.

Catalog of analogs from NEW FILTER

Filter materials used in the oil filter, oil heat withstand high temperature and pressure peaks which arise at sharp oil starts. Buy a filter on a tractor - then ensure long and trouble-free operation of the whole mechanism. NEW FILTER supplies oil filters from manufacturers such as Donaldson, MANN-FILTER, WIX FILTER.

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