Filters for Compressed Air Treatment

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Compressed Air Filters

The most interesting offers for your savings. Bulk filter - a device that allows you clean the air mass entering into the working chamber of the pneumatic system for the compressed air. These elements are used in most industries, who use compressors.

Air filter for compressed air is for operation from 1.5C to 65C temperature range. They are designed so as to achieve a minimum pressure drop and extended life. These properties embody a reality thanks to the maximum filtration area.

Filters for compressed air is set just outside the pipe and provide a protective barrier against ingress of various kinds of dirt inside the camera. Air compressors will last longer than an order of magnitude, if appropriate to provide a high quality filtering of the working environment. compressed air purification task will be resolved for a long time.

Today distinguish such filter elements:

filter of solid particles, retaining dust and dirt;

a compressed air filter, cleaning the air of the oil droplets;

compressed air filter, cleaning the air masses from the smell.

Pressure Gauges

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters

Trunk compressor of compressed air filters of any brand, for example, Omi, Donaldson provides six stages B, P, R, M, S and A, each of these steps allows to clean compressed air from the moisture, oil, particulates, vapors and odors.

Technical parameters of the compressed air filter

Part number
Linkage Max. pressure
Dimensions [mm] Weight, kg
a b c d
F0056 3/8" 16 187 88 20 60 0,7
F0076 1/2" 16 187 88 20 60 0,7
F0106 3/4" 16 257 88 20 80 0,8
F0186 1" 16 263 125 32 100 1,8
F0306 1" 16 63 125 32 120 2,5
F0476 11/2" 16 461 125 32 140 2,5
F0706 11/2" 16 640 125 32 160 3,2
F0946 2" 16 684 163 43 520 5,1
F1506 2" 16 935 163 43 770 7,1
F1756 21/2" 16 935 163 43 770 6,9
F2006 3 16 795 240 59 630 12,9
F2406 3 16 1000 240 59 780 14

Part number
P prefilter 3 mR prefilter 1 mM
sintered 15 mmicrofilter 0,1 mmicrofilteractive carbon
  0,01 m 

Filters for Compressed Air Treatment

Indicators of air permeability satisfy  FAD conditions of 20C, 1 bar (A). Operating filters pressure -16 bar. Filtration efficiency corresponds to ISO conditions temperature 8573.1. Max  temperature after passing through a linear filter for cleaning compressed air is 65C, and the lowest part of the compressed air temperature is not lower than 1C.

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