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Our company constantly monitors the world development of innovative filtration solutions for flawless media for such important area of ​​industry as pharmaceuticals (production of active ingredients,

Стерилізуючий фільтр

aseptic filling and final fermentation). The entire range of filters manufactured fully certified.

Sterilizing filter for sterilization or removal of tiny particles from the aggressive fluids (filtration injectable solutions, acids, alkalis or organic solvents).

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NEW FILTER delivers sterilizing filters of pharmaceutical gradation, which are produced according to GMP guidelines. 100% of all medical filter cartridges delivered to customers, washed and tested for integrity. Samples of each batch of products is checked according to validated claims.

Filtration of Pharmaceutical Solutions





PREPOR PES membrane prefilter cartridge

Polyether sulfone Membrane filters

Glass microfibre filters

Fiberglass/Popypropylene filters
Popypropylene filters

Propor PES




Propor PES
Liquid Sterilization Polyether sulfone

Polytetrafluoroethylen filters

Teflon filters

Sterilizing Grade Filtration of Reagents

Short filtration time, increased throughput, there is no need for frequent replacement of filters and reduce overall filtration costs - all of this is available with sterile filters clean. NEW FILTER supplies syringe filters used for lab filtration and liquid sterilization reagents. These products are designed specifically for biological, pharmaceutical and sterilizing filtration requirements, demonstrating superior performance.

Sterilizing filter capsule
Capsule syringe filters

ultrafiltration filters
Sterilizing filters

Capsule filters


Capsule syringe filters are used in research laboratories for ultrafiltration of small volumes of liquids and gases, which allows scientists to simulate, study and optimize existing designs, and create new schemes filtering different substances.

Sterilizing filter capsule is minepatrol with single or double membrane. Capsules have an effective filtration area. All membrane products are high-purity rinsing liquid during manufacturing, and inspected for integrity. Double layered capsule filters are manufactured with the same combinations of pore sizes in layers, and cartridge membrane filters of the respective brands.


In the pharmaceutical and medicine:

For sterilization, and clarification of liquids (injectable solutions, culture media).Sterilizing filter capsule

For sterilization of parenteral drugs, antibiotics and vaccines.

To finish cleaning devices with a small volume of the spill filling.

To eliminate pyrogens in the final stages of cleaning liquid for injection.

In the food industry:

For filtering ingredients.

For the final cleaning on the production line of drinks.

To select the optimal filtration fineness.

In the electronics industry:

In operation, in the points of application of ultrapure water (removal of colloids and bacteria).

When you filter photoresists

Vent Sterilization Filters Pall

NEW FILTER also supplies air filters Pall, which set to provide a sterile barrier inside blood vessels, such as fermenters, bioreactors, bottles (cleaning inlet air / gas).Вентиляционные стерильные фильтры PALL

These filter elements are ideal for the sterile venting of small containers and as an in-line gas filter. The large effective filter area provides high flow rates and filters can be autoclaved several times ensuring low costs.

Vent filters PALL equipped with hydrophobic membranes that protect ultrasensitive equipment against water, aerosols.

PALL provides a compact ventilation filters that will guarantee a highly efficient removal of bacteria and microscopic particles in dry or wet conditions.


  • PTFE membrane provides high flow rates and resists "wetting" out by water vapor.
  • Light compact unit suitable for small vessels and flexible tubing.
  • Can be easily integrity tested by water breakthrough test.
  • Each filter labelled with an individual serial number.

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