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Activated Carbon Air Filters from NEW FILTER

These filters are installed in filter boxes of household systems and industrial ventilation and serve for  removal 100% of the incoming air smells, toxic gases, chemical vapor, gaseous contaminants. They provide necessary hygienic standards. Also, filters with activated carbon are used in grouboxes systems (hydroponics), industrial drawing.

Carbon filters for ventilation are as activated carbon sorbent (peat, stone, coconut, impregmirated type).

NEW FILTER experts will select and produce a sample size filter, and for your individual parameters. Delivery of all types of carbon filters - cassette, tubular, with a relatively compact inlaid any filter section that depends on the setting of the target.

Characteristics of coal sorbent

Activated carbon - an effective adsorbent which is capable of eliminating impurities with molecular weights of more than 40 Da. In practice, the filters with coal show the best air cleaning results from the volatile and semi compounds.

Coal has hydrophobicity. It is characterized by a developed system of fine pores, the presence of a sufficient number of mezapors that ensures a large amount of filtration surface per unit area. Also, the carbon sorbent has good mechanical stability.

The main effectiveness criterion of cleaning - is the size and amount of adsorbent granules. The larger carbon granules, the easier air flow. At the same time, finely divided filler granules promotes increased air resistance. It is therefore necessary to consider the type of ventilation system, which is supposed to install a carbon filter. NEW FILTER experts will select the desired carbon filter for your system with optimum characteristics for the 100% clean.

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