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One of the most effective filters for air purification is a HEPA filter for ventilation. This modern antibacterial filters, which provide ultra-thin air purification, delaying microparticle sizes up to 0.3 microns.HEPA filter for ventilation

Through the fine filter HEPA not pass even the smallest particles. This size are often such pollution as: bacteria, fog (oil, saline), chemical sprays, dusts of grinding powdered paint, alkaline condensate welding fumes, acid and so on.

Material characteristics

  • Tested according to EN 1822
  • Humidity resistant up to 100% r. h. (depending on version)
  • Temperature resistant up to max. 70°C
  • Contains no silicone

According to international classification, there are 5 classes of HEPA filter: H10, H11, H12, H13 and H14. The higher the class at the HEPA filter, the higher the degree of filtration.

Filter class













HEPA фільтри для вентиляціїApplication

In clean rooms for:

  • Research
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Electrotechnology
  • Microtechnology

HEPA Filters In Biological Safety Cabinets

Used to provide the maximum possible protection for products, people, and the medical laboratory environment.

HEPA Filters In Surgical/Operating Room Air Purification

Used in surgical operating room, and other critical medical air filtration applications, must provide the highest quality of air cleanliness, helping safeguard the life and health of both patients and medical staff.

HEPA Filters In Pharmaceutical Applications

Used in Laminar flow hoods to provide maximum protection for products mixed in the laboratory or mixed and dispensed in the pharmacy.

HEPA Filters In Clinical/Healthcare Facility Air Purification

HEPA filters are routinely used in modern healthcare facilities in order to control the spread of airborne infectious agents.

NEW FILTER offers a HEPA filter, which can be ordered in the following versions:

• Types of frames for ventilation filters: MDF, plastics, extruded aluminum, steel plate, powder-coated, galvanized steel.

• Dimensions of the order

• Standard depth: 78 mm, 150 mm, 292 mm

• Gaskets: several species

Standard HEPA filter for the order

Width/height/ thickness, mm

Filtration area, m2

Throughput rate, m3

Terms of production, days


305х305х78 2,7 270 7 Order
305х610х78 5,7 560 7 Order
610х610х78 12 1200 7 Order
305х305х150 3,2 330 7 Order
306х610х150 6,8 670 7 Order
610х610х150 14,5 1450 7 Order
305х305х292 4,4 460 7 Order
305х610х292 9,2 940 7 Order
610х610х292 20 2000 7 Order

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Characteristics of filter materials for the HEPA filter

  • Tested according to EN 1822
  • Resistance to moisture up to 100%
  • Withstands temperatures up to 70 ° C
  • Doesn't contain silicone

For all HEPA filters we provide passport and conclusion HIS governing the possibility of using filters in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and other facilities.


This filter thin air purification from bacteria has a high efficiency thanks to the technology of increasing the filtration area of ​​the filter with standard dimensions. Price on HEPA filter is available know from the manager.


This hypoallergenic bactericidal HEPA filter to purchase necessary if you use the oven for clean rooms and laboratories. HOT HEPA FILTER is permissible use at temperatures of 150C - 400C. The frame is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. Seals and gaskets made of materials based on the operating temperature of the filter installation area.

Classification of the filter material by EN 1822

• Filter material E10
• Filter material E11
• Filter material E12
• Filter material H13
• Filter material H14

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