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Hydraulic High Pressure Hose Fittings

Fittings for High Pressure Hose are elements of the assembly fixtures designed for carbining Hoses and connecting them to other hydroelectric complex to control the flow of liquids transported in hydraulic systems.

Connecting of the hydraulic Hoses is responsible procedure enough that you want to do exactly with the assembly instructions.

Incorrect connection fittings for Hoses can break out of the hydraulic Hose and cause injury, property damage, explosion or fire.

Fittings for High Pressure Hoses

The varieties include the following types of fittings:

  DK and DKI - intended for hoses with standard diameter of 8 mm to 32 mm, threaded at 16-52 mm. Can be straight or bended at an angle of 90°. The nipple may be threaded or with a flare nut.

  JIC and BSP - hose fittings with pipe thread. Unlike the previous variant, at the ends of these elements are pipe thread with dimensions from 7/16 to 2 ½ inches. These fittings are manufactured in the USA and the UK.

  DKO and JIS fittings have metric threads on 12 mm - 50 mm. These fittings can be equipped with a cap nut or delivered as fitting with external thread. The diameter can be 6 mm-50 mm. Face fitting may be direct, or 45° to 90° bended.

  ORFS - fittings with threaded connection or union nut, which are designed for mounting of hose with seal. Can only be direct. Thread diameter varying from 12 mm to 52 mm. The diameter of the hose is 6 mm-50 mm. 

  BANJO - special fittings with a transverse bore end. Mounted on a hoses with a diameter of 6 mm to 16 mm. These elements make it possible to arrange the angular pairing (at 90° or 45°) without additional taps.

  SF - plug-type fitting, mounted on a special O-ring and lock. Type of fitting - only straight.

  NPTF - fittings with tapered threads on the nozzle, which are supplied without union nut and only in the straight form. Diameter - from 6 mm to 50 mm. Pipe threads - from ¼ to 2 inches.

Fitting Catalogue

 DK-series Fitting
Фитинги гидравлические DK

BSP-series Fitting
Фитинги гидравлические BSP

DKOS/DKOL-series Fitting

Фитинги DKOS и DKOL

JIC-series Fitting

Фитинги JIC

ORFS-series Fitting

Фитинги ORFS

BANJO-series Fitting

Фитинги BANJO

BSPT/NPTF-series Fitting

Фитинги BSPT и NPTF


Фитинги фланцы

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