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Dust Filter Cartridges Microtex 327 mm

The maximum temperature of the cartridge with the working area 21 m² ranges in 65 °C. For cartridges 11 m² - maximum operating temperature is 80 °C. Standard components of the vacuum dust cleaning filters are equipped with metal parts of galvanized steel. Replacement cartridges for filters which are used at a higher temperature, available on request.

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Application of the cartridge filter

  • powder coating chamber;
  • construction sector;
  • removal of welding smoke;
  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • devices for safety.


  1. Interchangeability by other models of filters.
  2. High efficiency.
  3. Low cost.
  4. The working surface reaches 21 m2.

Filter media

Filter cartridges with 21 m² filter area are made of impregnated cellulose with polyester blend. The filter medium can be equipped with nano fibres and flame retardant.


• Filter holder with lock-lock;

• Venturi nozzles in complete with holder;

• short injector;

• solenoid valves, valve controllers.


Ø A, mm
Length L, mmØ B, mmFilter area, m²

Dust Filter Cartridges Microtex  

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