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Filters for McCormick Equipment from NEW FILTER

NEW FILTER delivers high-quality filters for the McCORMICK tractor analogues, which are of high working resource, not inferior to the technical parameters of the originals. Thus filters are more affordable cost - up to 40% cheaper.Фильтры для тракторов McCORMICK

Since its founding in 1831 the company McCormick is a leading supplier of equipment for agriculture, so that US farm reached a new level.

Today, the range of companies represented different types of tractors, combine machines, seeding machines, agricultural machines, harvesters and much more. Name McCormick - is synonymous with innovation, so the company has firmly taken a leading position in its segment.

The efficiency of each major unit depends on the health of small details that make up the working mechanism. Therefore, experts of the company NEW FILTER developed optimal strategy - we provide direct supplies of high-performance analog filters for McCormick technology that meets the highest quality standards.

Regular replacement hydraulic filter, filter materials, oil filter and air filter element will keep working substance in a perfect cleanliness, which will save the cost of maintenance and repair of equipment.

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Part numbers
McCormick CX 50
McCormick CX 95 McCormick F 100 McCormick MC 120 Power6 McCormick MTX 175
McCormick CX 60 McCormick CX 100 McCormick MC 80 McCormick MC 135 Power6 McCormick MTX 185
McCormick CX 70 McCormick CX 105 McCormick MC 90 McCormick MTX 110 McCormick MTX 200
McCormick CX 75 McCormick F 60 McCormick MC 95 McCormick MTX 125 McCormick V 60
McCormick CX 80 McCormick F 70 McCormick MC 100 McCormick MTX 140 McCormick V 65
McCormick CX 85 McCormick F 80 McCormick MC 105 McCormick MTX 155 McCormick V 70
McCormick CX 90 McCormick F 90 McCormick MC 115 McCormick MTX 165 McCormick V 80

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