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Low oxygen quality can become a big problem for the industry. The particles may be contaminants in the feed system. Also, pure oxygen can be contaminated prior to the filing, during transport or storage.Oxygen Filters

Filtering oxygen - an important milestone for technological processes in enterprises, where cleanliness and chemical quality of the gas is of particular importance. Therefore, we offer a line of filters that provide extremely clean.

NEW FILTER experts will select the best option for oxygen purification filter. More details in the section "Contacts".

Construction of Oxygen filter

The product consists of 2 elements:

collapsible housing;

filter element.

The filter housing, pressure-resistant to 16 bar, 25 bar and 50 bar is made of durable aluminum. Housing products intended for high-pressure, namely - 100 bar, 250 bar and 350 bar, made of carbon steel.

The interior of the housing chrome-plated to prevent corrosion and process crystallizes. The outer surface is covered with powder paint. Also, the structure can be equipped with a connection to ground. Seals for nitrogen filter chosen individually, depending on the cleaning medium.

Additionally it can be equipped with pressure gauge, allowing to determine the extent of contamination in the inlet and outlet. As well as condensate drain.

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