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EDM12-series drain from NEW FILTER

The electronic device of model EMD12 allow the compressed air to clean the accumulated moisture. It is designed for a full automated withdrawal of moisture from the compressed air system.

The device is equipped with a special valve, which carries a self-cleaning function. EMD12 also equipped with LED status indicator, sensor alarm, test button and internal filter.

Can be installed as an external device. Condensate is collected in a special aluminum pan, and when its level reaches the limit height, it is removed from the system without loss of compressed air volumes.

EDM12-series drainCharacteristics

  • operating pressure   16 bar
  • drain capacity 12 l/h
  • connections   ½''
  • operating temp. range 1,5 to 65 ∞C


Х air compressor (piston or screw)

Х after-cooler

Х cyclone condensate separator

Х pressure vessel/air tank

Х air dryer

Х air filter

The principle of operation

Operation is based on the collapse of the accumulated liquid when it reaches a certain level in the reservoir. Rising water level pushes the float will then be launched automatically reset moisture. Thus filters and separators compressed air don't lose performance.

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